Members Engagement Group

We are committed to continuous communication and engagement with our members as we drive our new initiatives, and member-empowerment to provide more activities and benefits for members. This is an on-going process, and we welcome all interested members to join us as volunteer champions in building communities and driving engagement.

First SingCham-SHA EXCO Meeting on 25 September 2022
First SingCham-SHA EXCO Meeting on 25 September 2022

Large Corporates/Government Relations/Business Verticals/Membership
​​​​​​William Chang

Michael Wu

Social Development/Community and Social Group/Volunteer Development
Henry Cheng

Vincent Yeong

Built Environment/Real-Estate
Kelvin Ng & Melvin Ng

Vincent Yeong & Kelvin Ng

Business Services
Chum Wei Wei & Stephanie Chew

Life Sciences/Healthcare
Vincent Chia & Stephanie Chew

Vincent Chia

Sports & Recreation
Tan Lee Lee & Ryan Zeng

Michael Wu & Tina Ng

Singapore-China Group
Tim Wang & Ryan Zeng
Youth Group
Tan Lee Lee & Tina Ng

RCEP Business Group
Tina Ng & Tim Wang

Women's Group
Tina Ng & Stephanie Chew