Executive Committee for Year 2020-2022 - Name of Nominees

To: All Members of SingCham Shanghai

This is the list and biography of members who are nominated / self-nominated to run for the election of the SingCham Shanghai Exco. 

If any member in the list does not wish to be listed as a candidate, please inform the Election Committee in writing by sending an email to singcham@singcham-shanghai.org within three (3) days from the date of publication of the list. The Election Committee will publish the final list of candidates on the website of SingCham Shanghai two (2) days before the date of the election.

Warmest regards
Election Committee (2020-2022)

Nominee List


Biography of Nominees for the 
Election of Executive Committee for Year 2020-2022

Corporate Members

Agge (China) Skin Management Co. Ltd

Agge (China) Skin Management Co Ltd, a medical company specialises in medical beauty services. The company provides treatments from skin management, anti-aging, body contouring to plastic surgeries. Incorporated in 2017, the company currently has 6 clinics in Shanghai and Hangzhou. 

Representative Designation: CEO

CV of Philip Lim
Philip has been in China for 20 years starting in Beijing. He joined SingCham since it started and was the Chairman of Business Activities before he resigned and came to Shanghai in 2006. In his 20 years in China, he has been involved in real estate investments, PE investments, corporate training, entertainment and beauty businesses. Doing business in China is challenging and thus Philip would like to serve in SingCham Exco to help the Singapore community in Shanghai. 


CapitaLand Management (China) Co., Ltd

CapitaLand was one of the first foreign real estate players in China. Since its entry into China in 1994, CapitaLand has expanded its portfolio to more than 200 properties in over 40 Chinese cities. CapitaLand has established a track record of developing about 23 million square metres of floor area, with assets under management valued at over RMB270 billion in China. In addition to establishing itself as one of the largest foreign developers in the country, CapitaLand is also the Singapore company with the largest investment in China.  

CapitaLand has identified five core city clusters to focus its growth in China. They are Shanghai/Hangzhou/Suzhou/Ningbo, Beijing/Tianjin, Guangzhou/Shenzhen, Chengdu/Chongqing/Xi’an and Wuhan. 

Leveraging the Group’s end-to-end value chain offerings ranging from investment and fund management to development and operations, CapitaLand looks forward to enhancing its real estate ecosystem with partners to meet the changing needs of Chinese consumers as China enters new stages of urbanisation and urban renewal. 

Representative Designation: General Manager

CV of Edmund Eng Kok Hui

Edmund is the General Manager, Business Community Development of CapitaLand China. 

He has been working in China since 2007. Edmund is passionate in helping the Singapore community, he assisted SingCham Shanghai in setting up their office in Bridge+ in 2018. Since then, Bridge+ and SingCham Shanghai has been working together as community partners, providing Singaporeans a home away from home in Shanghai. Through Bridge+, in which Edmund started here in China, many Singapore companies started their base in Shanghai. 

Edmund also enjoys working with youth and has worked with OSG Youth Alliance by being a mentor and providing support as a community partner through the Bridge+ platform.


Sembcorp (China) Holding Co Ltd

Sembcorp is a leading energy and urban development player with global experience and track record to deliver innovative energy and urban solutions that support the energy transition and sustainable development.

Representative Designation: Senior Vice President

CV of William Chang Kwang Jen

William’s career started with Singapore Economic Development Board, studied in Germany and the UK, based in EDB's office in Frankfurt for a total of 7 years managing investment promotion and investor relations. Crossed over to GLC Sembcorp Industries and have been with the Group for almost 20 years.

With Sembcorp, William has been based in the UK, the UAE and he has been in China for almost 5 years now, with years of experience in international businesses, leadership and people development, as well as corporate team building. Based in Shanghai now for the last 2 years, William oversees Sembcorp China's Joint Venture and Government Relations, strategic communications, branding, sustainability development, as well as managing China's energy business.

He has also been active in various Sino-Singapore projects such as business councils and initiatives. William hopes to contribute to SingCham through his experience with Singapore and China Governments, as well as Business China network, to promote our Singapore brand, further strengthen collaboration between GLCs and SMEs, enhance networking between Singapore and Chinese enterprises, and expand social networking within the communities not only in business but also in the arts and culture arena.


United Overseas Bank (China) Limited

United Overseas Bank (China) Limited (UOB (China)) is a wholly owned subsidiary of United Overseas Bank Limited (UOB), a leading bank in Asia. UOB (China) is headquartered in Shanghai and was incorporated in the People’s Republic of China on 18 December 2007.
From its first representative office in Beijing in 1984, UOB (China) now has 16 branches and sub-branches in major Chinese cities.
In 2006, UOB was the first bank from Southeast Asia authorised to settle capital accounts in Shanghai. UOB (China) is one of the first foreign banks to obtain a local mutual fund licence in China, in 2013. The following year, UOB (China) established a sub-branch in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, and obtained a trial market maker licence for inter-bank gold bilateral transactions and a market maker licence for direct trading between RMB and the Singapore dollar in the interbank foreign exchange market. UOB (China) also obtained the gold import and export licence in 2015. In 2018, UOB (China) became one of the first market makers for direct trading between the Renminbi (RMB) and Thai Baht. These achievements have enabled us to widen UOB’s product and service offering to customers operating in China.
As UOB (China) continues to grow its business, the bank remains committed to sharing its successes with the community. Since 2012, UOB (China) has held annual UOB Heartbeat Run/Walk to raise funds for underprivileged children and to support various education initiatives in China.
In 2015, UOB Group increased the registered capital of UOB (China) by RMB2.5 billion to RMB5.5 billion. UOB (China) is rated ‘A+’ with a stable outlook by Fitch Ratings and ‘AAA’ with a stable outlook by China Cheng Xin International.
Representative Designation: First Vice President, Wholesale Banking - Multinational Corporates
CV of Shermaine Chee

Shermaine is currently part of the Wholesale Banking - Multinational Corporates team at UOB (China) Limited. Prior to this, Shermaine headed up UOB's CEO office and the FDI Advisory Unit which focuses on facilitating cross-border banking needs for both Chinese and ASEAN companies.
Been in China for more than 10 years, and previously the Director of IDA (current IMDA) rep office in China, Shermaine possessed experiences dealing with both Chinese and Singapore government agencies and helping Singapore companies getting their foothold in China.
Shermaine served the Singaporean community in Shanghai as the Exco member of SSBA in 2016 and as Secretary General of SSBA in 2017.


Shanghai Amara Hotel Co Ltd

Amara Hotels are contemporary Asian business hotels in convenient city locations catering to the essential needs of the modern business traveller. With professional facilities, a selection of dining outlets, and efficient service, Amara Hotels provide comfortable four-star accommodations for both business and leisure guests.

Representative Designation: Owner's Representative

CV of Phillip Gwee Peng Hong
Phillip came to Shanghai in April 2019 as the Owner's Representative of Shanghai Amara Hotel Co Ltd, a 100% Singapore entity which owns and operates the Amara Signature Shanghai Hotel and the adjoining 100AM and Office Tower. 

He served as a regular officer in the SAF from 1966 for 15 years holding various staff and command positions until his resignation in August 1981.

Started his own business in 1982 and continued until his retirement from active businesses in 2012. Business activities include:
-    Defence sales, general trading, medical systems (in Singapore, Brunei, Thailand and Indonesia).
-    Property development (in Singapore, Johor Bahru and Perth).
-    Thai restaurants (in Taiwan).

Served as a Business Development Consultant for a Singapore company in Yangon, Myanmar from 2016 to 2019.

Social Appointments
-    Deputy President, Singapore Cricket Club (2011/2012).
-    Committee Member, Singapore Association of Myanmar (SAM) Exco (2017/2018).
-    Chairman, Organising Committee of the 23rd SAM Golf and Dinner on 24th Nov 2017 (we raised USD160,000.00 from the event).

Hobbies include wine and dining, golf and travelling. 


Shanghai Blue Orchid Greentech Ltd

Shanghai Blue Orchid Greentech Ltd is located in Shanghai, China.

The company has 7 workshops, totalling 7000 square meters, that export used clothing, shoes, industrial wiping rags, vintage, etc. and accessories to more than 20 countries in Africa, Asia, etc. With the recent addition of two state-of-the-art pit balers, the company has increased production and can now get shipments baled faster.
The company employs an average of 80 workers who receive continued on-the-job training to maintain quality and production targets. The primary criteria include newness, vibrancy of colours, defects, current fashion trends, material, and size.

Representative Designation: CTO
CV of Francis Koh

Francis Koh arrived in Shanghai almost 20 years ago as a programmer for fintech and international trading software. He resigned from his job a year later due to the internet bubble, and started his own interior design company, specialising in MNC office design and construction. Today, Francis's company is involved in urban upgrading development, and tourism and sports master planning, as well as being the EPC vendor for winter Olympic 2022. Francis current personal project is to help Blue Orchid set up an all-inclusive CSR mini program platform. 
Francis has been an active member of the Singapore community and currently serves as first vice chair of SingCham. He is the pioneer of the SingCham F&B unity platform and has led/contributed to the SingCham-MayCham Xinjiang Tulufan Mission Trip, SingCham Shanghai Mission Trip to Chongqing, CNY Lohei 2020, NDD2019 and 2020 and Let's Eat save Singapore restaurants initiative.


Squire Mech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Squire Mech is a global leader in the field of Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) Engineering design and consultancy services with headquarters in Singapore.

The company has more than 40 years of experience working on projects across different sectors such as offices, shopping centres, residential developments, high-tech factories, healthcare, education. The company’s team of highly-skilled engineering and design teams work in close synergy with each other. Through their innovative approach, they continuously provide our clients with high quality service and sustainable engineering system designs. 

Squire Mech started in 1977 as Squire Beca, a joint venture between the then-Reglan Squire & Partners and Beca Carter headquartered in New Zealand. After parting ways with Beca Carter in 1979, it was renamed Squire Mech.

Representative Designation: Managing Director

CV of Koh Choon Tee
Er. Koh Choon Tee is the Managing Director of Squire Mech (Shanghai) Corporation Ltd, wholly owned by Squire Mech Pte Ltd (Singapore). Er. Koh is also the board of director of the firm and registered professional engineer of Professional Engineer Board, Singapore. Squire Mech (Shanghai) is a Building Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Consultancy Firm based in Shanghai providing consultancy, design, building sustainability and project management services. Er. Koh graduated from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, with Degree of Bachelor of Engineering in 1995; and subsequently obtained Master in Science in Sustainable Building Design in 2014. He has more than 24 years of experience in the field of building construction.

Er. Koh has worked with Squire Mech for 24 years, and he has based in Shanghai since 2006. He took on the role of Managing Director of Squire Mech (China) in 2011, and has contributed greatly to the development of the company, with current strength of more than 80 staffs in China. During his 14 years of career with Squire Mech in China, he has overcome many challenges to develop the firm and ensuring sustainability of its business in China. Hence, he could empathize on the predicament of fellow Singaporeans who are running their business in China; and wish to offer to serve in SingCham Executive Committee in order to build a strong and united Singaporean community in Shanghai. 


Individual Members

Candice Koh
China Representative, Excel Cosmeceutical

CV of Candice Koh
Candice has been living in Shanghai for almost 10 years and has been an active member and EXCO of SingCham Shanghai for the past 2 years. With SingCham, she has been very involved in many events and promotions such as "Let's Eat", NDD 2019 & 2020 celebrations, China in 2020 and many more. A firm believer of “action speaks louder than words”, Candice enjoys participating and organising events, and feels great satisfaction having to meet and help fellow Singaporeans living in Shanghai. If elected, Candice hopes to get to know more members, help fellow Singaporeans to do business in Shanghai, and will try her best to further develop SingCham's mission to connect Singapore & the Chinese community in China.


Eric Tay
Global Service Manager, Vodafone Global Enterprise

CV of Eric Tay
Eric is an office holder of the EXCO and he has served not only as a Treasurer, but also contributed in the areas of Info-Comm Technology and the social space within the community.

Some of his key highlights include organising Cyber Lohei to lift the CNY spirits of fellow Singaporean expats as well as leading the Let's Eat initiative to create publicity for Singapore F&B businesses during this challenging COVID-19 period. Not forgetting the recent National Day Dinner which required coordination across different geographical locations.

As for his profession, Eric is with Vodafone as a Global Service Manager focusing on the Internet of Things and he is extremely passionate in technology.

Hence, Eric would like to harness his domain knowledge and create a technological platform to stay connected within SG-CN community.


Rock Loong Kong Hong
法人, 上海绿信环保科技有限公司

CV of Rock Loong Kong Hong
Based in Shanghai for almost 20 years, Rock is an entrepreneur and Business Development Director of numerous Singaporean companies in China. He has been serving the Singaporean community in Shanghai since 2017 - as an SSBA EXCO member in 2015-2018, and as SingCham Shanghai's Vice Chair (Social) since Oct 2018. 

Apart from organising social networking events, his notable projects include NDDs since 2017 and Singapore Day 2019 President's Challenge. He is affectionately known as '便民大哥', connecting members and helping Singaporeans in need. If re-elected, Rock pledges to be the 'Social Glue' of SingCham Shanghai and to serve SME interests.


Tony Ng
China Representative, OWW Capital Partners

CV of Tony Ng
Tony currently serves as the Secretary General of SingCham Shanghai, having been in the Executive Committee since SingCham Shanghai's inauguration.

He is a member of the board of directors of Shanghai Newtouch, a local company which has been granted approval for IPO on the Star Board. He is a director of OWW III Investment Ltd, a Global Investor Program Fund. Last but not least, he is the proud father of a daughter who has graduated and is currently residing in the States.

Tony’s vision for SingCham Shanghai is to foster a rule-based, business-centric ecosystem for the enhancement of the Singaporean business community in Shanghai and beyond. United we stand, divided we fall. 


Michael Wu Wing Yeu
Principal Consultant, Just One World Pte Ltd

CV of Michael Wu Wing Yeu
Michael currently serves as a Vice Chairman of SingCham Shanghai responsible for corporate engagement and membership development. 

As founder of Just One World Pte Ltd, he is an investor of and consultant to the 月湖翠 F&B Hospitality Group. The Group has ten restaurants in Shanghai and a small resort in Moganshan. Just One World is also represented in China by 辑域(上海), a Chinese company working closely with state-owned enterprises in the educational tourism arena.

Michael is a certified independent director and has had appointments on boards of both listed and non-listed companies. 

China is home to Michael for the past twenty years. With a younger son still in primary school, Michael is involved with his school activities. He was a co-organiser at some school events and a helper at the annual sports day.


Henry Cheng Hang Keat
Managing Director, Durst( Shanghai) Trading Co Ltd

CV of Henry Cheng Hang Keat
Henry has been in China since 2005. Initially starting his own export business in Foshan (Southern China) in construction material industry and he shifted to Shanghai 5 years ago to take on the management role of a European MNC after selling his business.

Henry believes in bringing his experience both in business or personal to the youth. By doing so, the younger generation could navigate better in the Chinese environment. 

Henry also strongly believes in the people to people exchange among Singaporeans and Shanghainese, through exchange of arts and culture to let each other gain a better understanding of each other's heritage, hence forging friendship which will lead to business cooperation.

Henry is willing to commit himself to the good cause of building the bridge between Singaporeans and Shanghainese to foster friendship among them.


Kelvin Khoo Choon Lam
Sales Director, Corner Stone

CV of Kelvin Khoo Choon Lam
Kelvin is currently a Sales Director of Corner Stone; a Singapore-owned Wines Supply company based in Shanghai. 

Kelvin has extensive experience in F&B including R&D, operations as well as project management. He is also skilled in dealing with a multitude of guests, and training of staff. 

Based in Shanghai for 18 years, Kelvin has a good understanding of the F&B industry here and he is passionate about aiding those transitioning or starting their careers in China, especially those in the F&B industry. Having been through the gruelling process himself, Kelvin know how hard it is and would like to offer his expertise to others.


Colin Phua
CEO, Captive Media (Shanghai) Ltd

CV of Colin Phua Cheng Hou
Colin is the CEO and Founder of Captive Media in China. Captive is an integrated media, digital interactive and advertising & marketing group founded in 2002 and based in Shanghai, with presence in Beijing and Hong Kong. The various business units (Captive Media, Captive Interactive and Captive Creative) cover a range of integrated marketing services including Advertising & Creative, Content Production, New Retail solutions, Offline + Online E-commerce Marketing, Interactive Pop-ups, Commerce Live Streaming and OOH & Digital Media Planning & Procurement. The company has been offering value-added services to international and local clients from numerous industries and sectors for over 18 years in China.

Colin is currently Vice-Chairman of SingCham Shanghai. Besides advising on communications matters for SingCham Shanghai, Colin was Chairman of the NDD Shanghai Organising Committee and was involved in China in 2020 - The Next Decade. Colin also served on the Exco of Singapore Shanghai Business Association (SSBA) in 2004/2005.


Lilly Wong May Har
Director, Coach Hauz

CV of Lilly Wong May Har
Lilly has always been an active member of the Singaporean community in Shanghai over the past many years, including volunteering role in the National Day Events and other SingCham Shanghai and SSBA events.

Recently, Lilly has also devoted a substantial amount of time and attention to the Singapore youths in China through organising networking, mentoring and internship opportunities. Lilly’s contribution to the youth sector can tremendously benefit the Exco.


Kng Hwee Tin
CEO Finance & Corp Services, CapitaLand (China)

CV of Kng Hwee Tin
Ms Kng is the Chief Executive Officer, Finance and Corporate Services of CapitaLand China.

Before joining CapitaLand last year, she was the Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of OCBC Wing Hang Bank (China) Limited since 2012. She has more than three decades of experience in the financial services industry business, with solid ethics, strong business leadership and good risk management capabilities. She is a strategic thinker and forward-moving business leader, and is acutely aware of the China culture and environment to run the business well.  She was awarded the “沪上金融创新人物” award in 2016.

She has actively participated in various activities arranged by inter-governmental organisation between China and Singapore government, e.g. Singapore-Shanghai Comprehensive Cooperation Council, Singapore-Jiangsu Cooperation Council, etc.; and advocated on ways to enhance bilateral cooperation on some of these occasions. In addition, she has also supported many activities organised by the then-SSBA in Shanghai.


Malcolm Cheong Yew Kong
General Manager, Amadeus

CV of Malcolm Cheong Yew Kong
Malcolm is currently the General Manager and Legal Rep for Amadeus Hospitality Shanghai Software Technology Shanghai Co. Ltd, as well as Amadeus Hospitality Pte Ltd in Macau.

Prior to Amadeus, he was working in the tech space and has over 20 years of business leadership experience, primarily focused on technology and hospitality, serving the digital and hospitality needs in APAC. In terms of personal qualifications, he attained his first degree in Surrey followed by an MBA specializing in Finance with Manchester. After coming to China, he decided to take up the challenge and completed a Chinese MBA with Jiao Tong University. Motivation makes things happen.

Malcolm’s vision is to be the representative body for Singapore business interests and seek to facilitate business exchanges that contribute economic and social prosperity to all members.


Huang Yi Chun
General Manager, Environmental Market Solutions Inc

CV of Huang Yi Chun
Dr. Yi Chun Huang is General Manager of Environmental Market Solutions Inc, wholly owned by Carrier Corporation (NYSE:CARR), a building consultancy based in Shanghai providing green and healthy building consultancy services across Asia Pacific. Trained in Architecture, building performance and diagnostics at NUS and Carnegie Mellon, Dr. Huang has more than 20 years of experience covering consultancy, research, and teaching, in USA, Singapore, and China. He serves on industry standard committees. 

Based in Shanghai for 6 years now, Dr. Huang faced much difficulty in his transition and would really like to help other Singaporeans and business ventures ease their entry into China, particularly those with school-age children, or those in the building industry. He has relevant experience with US Chamber activities via his job function.