Appointment Of New EXCO Members

Dear SingCham Shanghai Members,


It is with pleasure to announce the appointment of two new EXCO members, Dr Koh Hau-Tek and Mr Colin Phua to join the SingCham Shanghai Executive Committee (EXCO). 

Both Hau-Tek and Colin are experienced professionals as well as in voluntary work. Dr Koh had most recently served as Treasurer in SingCham Beijing while Colin had served as an EXCO member previously with SSBA in 2004/2005.  

Attached are their biographies. We believe they will add diversity and strength to the current EXCO. We are pleased that they have accepted the nomination and appointment and are thankful to them for volunteering their time in serving the community. We have also seen greater interest in volunteerism recently and I would also hope more would come forward to serve. 

If you would like to seek further clarifications regarding the announcement or raise objections, please do not hesitate to contact our Secretary-General, Kent Lau at by 27 Jul 2019.

Thank you once again for your continued support.  Incidentally, both Hau Teck and Colin are marathoners and we can assume they will be in this for the long haul. 


Warmest Regards,


Melvyn Goh


SingCham Shanghai


Colin PHUA.pdf

Dr KOH HT _0.pdf