Announcement: SingCham Shanghai Election of Executive Committee for 2022-2024 and Nomination of Candidates

To: All Members of SingCham Shanghai

We are pleased to inform you that the election of the Executive Committee of SingCham Shanghai Chapter for 2022-2024 will be held immediately after the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of SingCham Shanghai on 25 September 2022 (Sunday). Details are as follows:

Date    :    Sunday, 25 September 2022

Time    :    Lunch 12:30-13:30hrs
                 AGM 13:30hrs
                 Election - To start after the end of the AGM

Venue  :    Metro Room, Level 2, Ascendas Innovation Plaza, 686 Jiujiang Road, Shanghai


There will be 15 Committee Members in the SingCham Shanghai Executive Committee (“Exco”) for 2022-2024 term. According to the SingCham Constitution and By-Laws, the outgoing Chairman of the existing Exco will automatically become a member of the next Exco. Each existing valid member (both corporate and individual), may nominate not more than 14 names for the election. Please note that consent of the Nominees (please use the prescribed Nomination Forms below, where appropriate) must be obtained before they can be nominated for the election. Nominees should habitually reside in Shanghai for effective contribution to the Chamber and community.

Kindly download and email the duly completed Nomination Form to SingCham Shanghai office before 15 September at 15:00hrs. The Election Committee reserves the rights to change the nomination and election process in accordance with the provisions of the SingCham Constitution and By-Laws.

All individual and corporate members shall update their particulars before 2 September 2022 at 15:00hrs if there is any change of their information or particulars registered with SingCham Shanghai.* This is to facilitate the Secretariat’s uploading of information on the SingCham website. In order to verify member’s eligibility to vote, the Secretariate may contact individual or corporate members to ask them to provide the necessary information and documents as and where necessary. We seek your kind cooperation in this respect. Members who do not provide the necessary information or documents, when requested, may be deemed ineligible to vote or be nominated.


Warmest regards
Election Committee (2022-2024)

*An individual member shall be a Singapore citizen or PR, has joined the chamber for at least 3 months, works in a commercial organisation or a foreign-invested entity in China and has a valid residence permit as of 25 September 2022.

Individual members, who are in Singapore, have the rights to vote if they have a valid work permit/residence permit as of 25 September 2022. An individual, who is being nominated, must have a work permit/residence permit that is at least valid till 31 October 2022.

A corporate member shall be an entity, a representative office or a branch established by a Singaporean natural person, legal person or other economic organisation, and has joined the chamber for at least 3 months.


Download Forms:

Nomination Form

Self-Nomination Form