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Special Preferential Offer at Ch22

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Daily essentials lifestyle brand “ch22” launches in Hong Kong, showcasing “The ART of cleaning”.


ch22, short for chapter 22, founded in 2019 by three founders from Taiwan and Hong Kong.  The trio met in Shanghai and saw a white space in the market for upgrading products we might not necessarily pay attention to everyday.  Today it has sold into over 600,000 modern households, Michelin star restaurants and five-star hotels.   


Starting with paper

With the motto “Make Life, Easier & Happier”, ch22 focuses into the details of everyday necessities, starting with tissue, modernizing a product that has been overlooked in the last decade.  Upgrading for the modern urbanite need:  aesthetics, cleanliness & convenience, all the while keeping sustainability mindset


ch22’s dedication of upgrades includes “Moisture Rich Tissue” which infuses Japanese Miyoshi crème into the tissue making it super soft to sustainable bamboo fibers that feel just as smooth as wood pulp, giving that extra sustainability touch.


More than paper

Paper was always only a starting point.  As we expand our collection, we are keeping our core consumer in mind and giving them that extra touch of “fun”. 


75% Alcohol Wipes

Our original 75% Alcohol Wipes are incased in a pristine yellow box, designed to sit aesthetically at home, office or retail.  Inside sits 50 individually wrapped alcohol wipes made from corn based edible grade alcohol.  The wipes itself is made with 100% FSC certified 90 days biodegradable bamboo material.


Cocktail Series

This is the standout category; our scented “75% Alcohol Wipes”.  Combined with the theme of cocktails & mixology, we created our “Cocktail Series”, which infuses scents into our pristine wipes, giving it that extra unexpected touch.  “Cucumber Gin & Tonic” with the fresh notes of cucumber and lime, “Rose Martini” with the rich notes of rose and lychee and “Strawberry Daiquiri” with the sweet notes of strawberry and pineapple. 


We have further expanded the series into “75% Alcohol Rinse-Free Gel”, continuing with the strong thematic of cocktail and mixology.  These products offer a personal care touch into the otherwise generic disinfectant category through infused ingredients of jojoba oil, aloe vera, honeysuckle and yellow root plant extracts, making it less sticky yet less skin dryness.  The products come in both 500ml and 30ml which is designed to be refillable.


“Super Clean, Pass It On”

Our disinfectant products, both wipes and gel, are made from top grade corn based edible alcohol with 7-layer filtration EDI purified water.  Keeping your mind at ease.  Go ahead and pass it on.  Ch22rs!



For more information feel free to contact us at: Paper.lai@ch22brand.com

Official Website: www.ch22brand.com

Follow us on Instagram:  @ch22essentials