SingCham Group Insurance - Exclusive Medical Benefit Program 30%-50% OFF

SingCham Group Insurance - Exclusive Medical Benefit Program 30%-50% OFF

Valid Till
Dec 2024

Exclusive Medical Benefit Program 30%-50% for ALL SingCham members.


You may contact the following for more details 更多详情可咨询:


Q & A

  1. Q: What plans can I have?


          A: We offer different geographic areas from mainland China, Singapore inclusive coverage as well as Worldwide plan.

         答: 我们提供从中国大陆到涵盖新加坡的计划,以及全球计划。

    2.  Q: Do I have to purchase outpatient coverage?


         A: Not necessary. The plan starts with inpatient benefits while outpatient coverage is optional.


   3.  Q: What if I have pre-existing condition?


        A: You can still get enrolled and covered as per underwriting and selection of different types of plans.


   4.  Q: Can I have health checkup/dental/vision/maternity benefits?

        问: 我可以享受健康检查/牙科/视力/生育福利吗?

        A: Yes, you can choose to add those benefits to your core plan.


    5.  Q: If I have already had insurance from my employer, can I just purchase insurance for my dependent such as my child?


       A: Yes, we can offer separate plan for individual or child.


  6.  Q: Do I get any discounts if I go through SingCham?


       A: Yes, we have exclusive plans for SingCham members and special discounts are available for members.


  7.  Q: If I’m not a SingCham member yet, can I join the plan? Is there any waiting period between the time to join as a member and the time to join the plan?

       问:如果我还不是新加坡商会会员,我可以加入这个计划吗? 从成为会员的时间到加入计划的时间,中间是否有等待期?

       A: You can join the chamber as a member and start the insurance process immediately.


  8.  Q: Do I need to have a health checkup to get enrolled?


       A: Not necessary, but you can enjoy discounted packages from Raffles for a checkup.


  9.  Q: What are the enrollment processes?


       A: Very simple – personal information, health status, copy of passport.

       答:很简单 -- 个人信息,健康状况,护照复印件。

  10.  Q: How to register for the insurance?


         A: Welcome to contact SingCham Membership Department at, and they’ll assist to reach the service provider.