WAIC China-Singapore AI Forum: Governable AI for Humanity

07-07-2023 9:00 AM - 07-07-2023 12:00 PM

WAIC China-Singapore AI Forum will be held for the third consecutive year with the vision of advocating AI4Good,and foster “1+1+N”bilateral and multilateral international AI ecosystem dialogue and collaboration via exchanges and dialogues through keynote speeches and panel sessions.

新加坡会场 “中新AI论坛” 作为备受关注的海外论坛之一,已连续成功举办2届,2023年将持续再出发,以倡导AI4Good(AI向善)为愿景,通过主旨演讲、圆桌讨论等形式进行交流和对话,以“1+1+N”创新模式,促进双边与多边国际化AI生态的交流与合作。


2023 is also special year with explosion of focus on Large Language Model (LLM) and Generative AI where AI Governance, AI Ethics, AI Safety and AI Alignment are received attention. This wave of AI revolution has given us unprecedented convenience and advanced technology, but technological progress has also brought about various challenges such as privacy security, the crisis of human mental health, and the impact on traditional education models.In Singapore, a small island nation with a strong reputation on governance, many AI governance-related initiatives were pre-emptively launched.(1)SWITCH and AIII has preemptively launched a panel discussion on Governable AI on October 28, 2022, way before the launch of ChatGPT on November 30, with the participation of various AI thought leaders from Nvidia, Microsoft, A*STAR and Advance.AI.(2)Singapore IMDA has also advocated the AI Verify initiative.(3)SGTech, leading industry association for all IT companies in Singapore, has also taken the lead to drive towards Digital Trust.

2023年是特别的一年,人们对大型语言模型(LLM)和生成式人工智能的关注爆炸式增长,其中人工智能治理(AI Governance)、人工智能伦理(AI Ethics)、人工智能安全(AI Safety)和人工智能对齐(AI Alignment)受到关注。这一波AI革命给我们带来了前所未有的便利和先进的技术,但技术的进步也带来了隐私安全、人类心理健康危机、对传统教育模式的冲击等各种挑战。新加坡是一个在治理方面享有盛誉的小岛国,许多与人工智能治理相关的举措是具有前瞻性的。(1)在ChatGPT于11月30日推出之前,SWITCH 和 AIII在2022年10月28日预先主办和发起了一场关于可治理人工智能的圆桌讨论,来自英伟达、微软、A*STAR新加坡科技研究局和Advance.AI独角兽的多位人工智能思想领袖参加了讨论。(2)新加坡IMDA咨询通信媒体发展局也倡导AI Verify倡议。(3) SGTech新加坡科技工商协会,新加坡科技行业领先的贸易协会,率先推动了Digital Trust数字化信任。


At the same time in China, China Electronics Standardization Institute (CESI), with inputs and contributions from leading AI companies and institutions, has also published the report on AI Ethics and Governance Standards to guide the entire industry and get ready for the next wave of LLM and Generative AI.

同时,在中国,中国电子技术标准化研究院(CESI)也发布了《人工智能伦理治理标准化指南》报告,为落实人工智能伦理治理标准化工作奠定坚实基础,也为迎接下一波大模型LLM 和生成人工智能提供指导方向。



The timely organization of this upcoming WAIC China-Singapore AI Forum on July 7 will bring together the best thought leaders from the China and Singapore AI ecosystem to come share and have an open dialogue. At the same time, the forum will allow further exploration where the best AI talents from China and Singapore can collaborate and contribute to ensure that next wave of AI advancement will be done with the right attention on important issues on Governable AI, AI Alignment, AI Ethics, AI Safety and AI Governance towards Trustworthy AI.To participate in the WAIC China-Singapore AI Forum, there will be many collisions of different perspectives and business insights on the China, Singapore, and ASEAN markets. We look forward to your presence.

7月7日将举行的WAIC中新AI论坛的将汇集来自中国和新加坡人工智能生态系统的最优秀思想领袖,分享并进行公开对话。与此同时,论坛将进一步探索中国和新加坡优秀的人工智能人才可以在哪里合作和贡献,确保下一波人工智能的发展将在可治理的人工智能(Governable AI)、人工智能对齐(AI Alignment)、人工智能伦理(AI Ethics)、人工智能安全(AI Safety)和人工智能治理(AI Governance)等重要问题上得到关注,以实现可信赖的人工智能。来参加WAIC中新AI论坛还有诸多对中国、新加坡、东盟市场不同视角,商业洞见的碰撞,期待您的光临!


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